Stanley Jr Workbench


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Stanley Jr. Toy Workshop Playset for Kids & Craft Wood Kit

The world of Stanley Jr. and its unique products for kids are designed to foster childhood learning and skill development while providing plenty of opportunities for parents and children to grow and develop a special bond with one another. Our working bench for kids with kid size tools allows the whole family to participate in building enjoyable and interesting projects together. Introduce your child to learning about tools and inspire them to make objects they’ll feel proud of. Even parents with no previous carpentry or construction knowledge can offer guidance and observe as their child learns to follow instructions, gains confidence, and develops new building skills and knowledge.

Fun, multi-purpose and inspiring, our Stanley Jr. children’s work bench is the perfect workshop platform to use while building our other exciting kits like bulldozers, custom racers or birdhouses. Suitable for children five years and older, our kid size work bench is ergonomically designed to fit to your child’s small hands and physical skill levels. Let your child engage with different tools or building blocks, and watch as they learn and prepare for the future.

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