RadioF Scoot About Sport


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Scoot about sport (red), suitable for ages 1-3 years, stable scooter with easy steering.

The Scoot About Sport is thoughtfully designed with your little one in mind. Wide-set front wheels enhance safety and stability while narrow-set back wheels allow for a clear kick path. This ergonomic design combined with easy glide wheels ensures a smooth ride every time.

Watch as your child scoots and plays for hours on their newest ride. The working steering wheel lets kids choose their path and helps develop gross motor skills. What imaginative adventures will your child go on with their Scoot About® Sport?


  • Ergonomic design for a clear kick path
  • Wide-set front wheels for safety and stability
  • Front steering for easy maneuverability
  • Storage under the seat
  • Easy glide wheels for a smooth ride
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor play

Suitable for ages 1-3 years.

Weight Capacity: 42 lbs.

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