Nerf Dude Perfect Hoverkup


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Hovering cups Hovering cups for trick-shot challenges Cups hover and glide Cups hover and glide across flat surfaces Lots of ways to play Play solo, 1-on-1, or in groups Customizable arena Change the size and shape of the play area Get in the game with Nerf Sports gear! Friends and family can enjoy friendly competition and a whole lot of active play as they practice shots or play a game. Nerf Sports gear is made for indoor or outdoor play and designed for performance and durability. Try trick-shot challenges with the Nerf Sports Dude Perfect HoverKup game! Hovering Cups The Nerf Sports Dude Perfect HoverKup game features 2 battery-powered cups that hover and glide across flat surfaces. Players test themselves and each other as they try to get the balls into the moving cups. Get together with friends and family to compete in a game to score points or nail a challenging trick shot! Copyright Dude Perfect, LLC. Dude Perfect and the stylized DP logo are trademarks of Dude Perfect, LLC. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

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