Meccano Maker’s Toolbox


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Unleash your child’s inner engineer with the Meccano Maker’s Toolbox, a 437-piece intermediate STEAM model building kit designed for open-ended play and endless creativity! This engaging and educational toy is perfect for boys and girls aged 10+, inspiring them to tinker, learn, and build amazing real-world creations. The Meccano Maker’s Toolbox features over 400 interchangeable building pieces that spark your child’s imagination, promoting skill development and problem-solving abilities.

With the included instruction sheet, kids can create 3 fun, moveable builds: a race car, the Eiffel Tower, and a robot. Find additional instructions for a spaceship and catapult online! The open-ended design of the building kits means the possibilities are limitless, encouraging kids to explore their own unique creations. Staying organized is a breeze thanks to the compact toolbox, which makes it easy to organize and transport your child’s inventions wherever they go.

The Meccano Maker’s Toolbox is the perfect gift for budding engineers, robotics enthusiasts, and kids who love to build and innovate, remote control cars, model kits, tactile toys and creativity! Inspire the next generation of creative minds with this versatile model building kit!

ENGINEERING ADVENTURES: Empower young builders with this intermediate 437-piece Meccano Maker’s Toolbox, fostering curiosity and learning through STEAM model building toys for girls and boys ages 10+!

400+ BUILDING PIECES: Encourage creativity and skill development with over 400 interchangeable parts, igniting your child’s imagination and nurturing their problem-solving abilities

5 MOVEABLE BUILDS: Build a race car, Eiffel Tower and robot using the included instruction sheet & find instructions for the catapult and space ship available exclusively online!

COMPACT TOOLBOX & STORAGE: Keep all the parts organized and easily accessible with the compact toolbox, making it a breeze to transport your child’s creations anywhere

IDEAL GIFT FOR YOUNG INVENTORS: Inspire young engineers with this model building kit, perfect holiday or birthday gift for fans of fidget toys, construction toys, educational toys, learning games, and RC cars alike!

Ages: 10yrs+

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