LMB Ship in a Bottle 21313


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Sale the seven seas with the LEGO Ideas set, Ship In A Bottle (21313). This set is a fantastic recreation of the time-old nautical tradition of replica sailing ships placed within an “impossible bottle”.

Easier than putting a model ship into a real bottle, and just as visually stunning, Ship In A Bottle is built with 962 LEGO pieces. This charming LEGO set is fun to build and has perhaps one of the most unique and satisfying building steps of any LEGO set.

With such display worthy merit, Light My Bricks have designed the perfect LEGO light kit to complement and enhance the visual appeal of this set.

Our custom light up kit contains 10 individual lights that are connected to a multi-effects board to recreate an ocean wave effect. Watch as the lights glow in a pulse-like rhythm as your ship sails across the water.

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