LMB Razorcrest


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Continuing with the tradition of introducing iconic spacecraft into the sci-fi sphere, the hit Star Wars series The Mandalorian brings us another beauty in the shape of The Razor Crest.

Piloted by “Mando” (no spoilers here), The Razor Crest was once a military craft used by the Galactic Empire – now turned into a bounty hunter gunship.

LEGO’s rendition of The Razor Crest will put a smile on the faces of Star Wars and The Mandalorian fans and when coupled with a Light My Bricks Razor Crest light kit, those smiles will truly light up!

Armed with 15 individual LEDs, this light kit boasts a range of effects like flicker effects for the twin engines, shooting gun effects for the laser cannons and internal lighting that activates when the rear hangar door is opened! This is the way!

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