LMB Imperial Star Destroyer


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The Imperial Star Destroyer is the symbol of the Empire’s reign of terror, and the spearhead of their impossibly large naval force. First appearing in the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope, the Star Destroyer embodies the sheer scale and power of the Sith led regime.

With an array of armaments, defensive systems, huge engine exhausts and intricate surface details, LEGO have produced a true collector’s item that will captivate the imagination of any Star Wars fan.

But to truly turn this masterpiece into something you can marvel at, Light My Bricks have created a light kit to bring out the sheer power and the might of this gigantic galactic starship. With 77 individual lights, there is no shortage of detail in this kit!

Microlights are used for external cannons to conceal wiring as best as possible. 4 different effects boards are utilised to provide realistic cannon blasts, engine operation (using our new pulse effect) and other system lights onboard this massive spacecraft.

Lights have also been applied to the separate Tantive ship and TIE-fighter leaving the docking bay, making for a hyper-realistic Star Wars battle scene!

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