LMB Ford Mustang 10265


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The LEGO Ford Mustang GT (10265) is a faithful recreation of the classic 1960s American muscle car.

Packed full of iconic features such as the dark-blue paint job, white racing strip, bonnet scoop and printed mustang grille, fans of LEGO’s vehicle range will be more than pleased with how this model has turned out.

Totalling at 1,461 pieces, the LEGO Ford Mustang GT is a must for all avid car collectors – however, to make this iconic roadster truly special, Light My Bricks have developed a LEGO light kit that complements the features of this set.

On top of the standard headlighting, we have developed a¬†specialised switch that activates the internal cabin lights when the car doors are opened! This creates a whole level of realism not seen in any vehicle light kit to date, and we’re proud to introduce this light feature to the Ford Mustang GT.

This custom light kit comes with 15 LED lights that can illuminate both the inside and outside of the vehicle. Why not make your LEGO set complete by applying our custom light kit and watch this iconic vehicle come to life!

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