LMB Ferris Wheel 10247


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The LEGO Ferris Wheel (10247) is a LEGO model that perfectly captures the essence of this classic and much-beloved carnival ride.

As part of the Creator Expert line and a series of theme park ride sets, the LEGO Ferris Wheel is packed with gorgeous details, while providing full motion functional parts that allow the set to rotate like a real-life Ferris wheel!

There’s something about the bright lights and flashing colours of a carnival at night and here at Light My Bricks, we’e set out to recreate this image. Our LEGO light kit contains LEGO LED lights that turn this fun and attractive model into an ultra-realistic theme park ride that will stand out amongst your LEGO collection.

Our Ferris Wheel LEGO light up kit contains 68 individual lights that can be easily installed on your LEGO set. Lighting features include multi-coloured light strings that can be attached to the spokes and rims of the Ferris wheel. As the wheel rotates, these multi-coloured lights will flash and change colour to give a festive and dynamic lighting effect.

Lights have also been added to the ticket booth and operating platform to give a realistic and tasteful ambience to this carnival setting.

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