L.O.L. Surprise Winter Chill Confetti Doll Asst


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They’re back! Check out LOL Surprise Winter Chill Confetti Surprise dolls and unbox a re-released fan favorite doll from past LOL Surprise winter themed series in new confetti pop packaging with a new unboxing experience! Each capsule has 15 surprises with a new surprise confetti unboxing! If you missed out on collecting LOL fan-favorite wintery doll characters, now is your chance. The confetti surprise unboxing includes a surprise pop of confetti for a party in every capsule. Unbox 15 surprises, including a pop of confetti, a mystery disguise and an LOL Surprise doll with a water surprise. Unwrap each layer of your mystery disguise to reveal who’s inside. Disguise can be reused as fashions and accessories. Feed or bathe your doll to reveal a water surprise. The confetti pop capsule can be put back together and popped again and again. Collect all 9 L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Chill Confetti Surprise dolls! 15 Surprises include (1) Sticker Sheet, (2) Party Bag, (3) Bottle (4) Confetti Pop, (5-11) Disguise, (12) Accessory, (13) Outfit, (14) Shoes, (15) LOL Surprise Doll.

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