Hot Wheels Skate Board + Shoe Multipack


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Perform gnarly stunts and master elite moves with this multipack of Hot Wheels Skate fingerboards and skate shoes. Hot Wheels collaborated with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk to design the sweetest boards that look cool grinding rails and launching ollies. The set includes four different, awesomely styled and fully assembled fingerboards along with two different pairs of shoes that can be used interchangeably with all boards. The shoes help kids get the feel of the board and its movements as they master stunts and flips. Each multipack includes one exclusive fingerboard and pair of skate shoes. Colours and decorations may vary.

Product Features:

  • ​The Hot Wheels Skate Multipack features 4 fully assembled fingerboards created in collaboration with iconic skateboarder Tony Hawk plus 2 pairs of cool skate shoes.
  • ​The removable set of “sneakers” holds fingers in place when mastering the techniques on the boards, especially helpful for groms who are just learning how to flip and stunt with their tiny fingers.
  • ​The full collection of decks features awesome graphics and deco execution that combine the creative brilliance of Hot Wheels and Tony Hawk. Each multipack includes 1 exclusive board that cannot be purchased elsewhere.
  • ​Each board comes fully assembled and has fast axel wheels for superior performance and mobility.
  • ​The Hot Wheels Skate fingerboards multipack makes a great gift for kids 5 years old and older, and with such sweet designs and eye-popping colours, they’ll want to collect them all. Each sold separately.
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