Harry Potter Perplexus Go


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Solve the Magical Maze: Join Harry Potter as you conquer the moving staircase, drop through a magical panel and get a kick out of 30 different obstacles; The Quidditch Cup awaits you at maze’s end; the ultimate puzzle ball. Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: A quick learning curve allows for an easy start, but you need to build up your skills to be a master; Portable size makes it the perfect take-anywhere puzzle travel game and fidget toy. Enhance Your Solving Skills: Each obstacle in this 3D maze is mind-bending fun, allowing you to enhance your hand-eye coordination and practice your puzzle solving skills in the labyrinth maze. Fun for the Whole Family: Our board games and puzzles are the perfect icebreakers for parties, get-togethers, date nights and family game nights; From children to teens to adults, you’ll have a blast.

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