Discovery 50mm Astronomical Telescope


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Make your child’s world bigger with this awesome telescope that encourages curiosity about life around us. Mounted on an aluminium table-top tripod, this 90mm long telescope’s 50mm objective lens has a 360mm focal length that will take your youngster to new dimensions.

Watch the magical night sky, exploring stars and planets with your budding astronomer – it comes with a choice of two magnification (18X and 90X) eyepieces so your youngster can really explore.

Learn about the wildlife flying in the sky, playing in the ocean and ambling through the bush – maybe you have a future zoologist on your hands.

Discover the fun of watching the changing weather or getting up close to favourite sporting events with the options of two magnification eyepieces.

Best for: inquisitive minds that want to know more about nature and the world around them. This telescope can provide quiet, contemplative play and learning or can be used with friends and family to learn and interact together.

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