Dino Valley Dino Danger Set – Assorted Styles


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Chase dinosaurs with this action packed set!  There’s always an adventure in Dino Valley! You can help the Dino Recovery Team do their jobs and bring back the majestic, amazing beasts to the sanctuary to be studied and protected. Trace the Fossil Paleontologist is tracking down a T-Rex. His expertise in dinosaur traits and their history helps others learn how to co-exist with the towering behemoths. He’ll just have to be careful because the Tyrannosaurus was the biggest carnivore to walk the earth! Meanwhile, Gearz has his hands full with a Velociraptor. Velociraptors were very much like birds, particularly turkeys, and very persistent in their pursuit of prey. Hopefully, the velociraptor and Gearz can be friends, instead of Gearz being the velociraptor’s dinner! Both the dinosaurs and action figure have movable joints. Each comes with a capture collar that snaps open and shut when you press the button, and supply pack that attaches to the backs of the action figures.

For ages 3+

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