Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art Refill


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Create even more gorgeous glitter looks with the Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art Refill Pack! This temporary tattoo kit for girls has everything you need to customize additional glitter tattoos and body art designs with Shimmer Me Body Art (sold separately). With three metallic foil cartridges, an exclusive gold glitter pot, gems and over 120 double-sided sticker designs, you can mix and match to style your body art, your way! It’s so easy to create your glam looks. Clean the area where you want to apply your design to, then pop one of the Refill Pack’s vibrant foils into Shimmer Me Body Art’s roller. Select your stickers to create your custom design! Press and hold each sticker onto your skin and peel the clear top layer, leaving behind a sticky surface for the foil to adhere to. Next, slowly move the roller over your stickers, revealing your custom design! Decorate with the gems, choose a new design and create even more shimmery looks! Apply glitter directly onto the stickers or combine foil and glitter for a one-of-a-kind look! Each Shimmer Me Body Art cartridge features 42 inches of foil, so you can design, roll and reveal again and again. The Shimmer Me Body Art temporary tattoos for kids last for approximately 24 hours, and the designs and skin-safe adhesive easily remove with warm water and a washcloth. The Shimmer Me Body Art glitter tattoo kit and the Refill Pack are great gifts for girls and are the perfect activity for sleepovers, spa parties, birthdays and more. For more ways to customize your style, look for the GO GLAM U-nique Nail Salon and create personalized mani-pedis (sold separately)! Style your own body art with the Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art Refill Pack!

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