Cocomelon Microphone


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Bring your toddler’s love for music to an adorable new level with the First Act CoComelon Musical Sing-Along Microphone! Inspired by the popular and educational series, CoComelon, the First Act microphone will have your little one bopping to one of CoComelon’s nursery songs from the show, “Thank You!” This children’s microphone is easy and ready to play right out of the box. Press the music note button to play songs and sing along! The CoComelon mic head also lights up when the music button is pressed, a feature that is sure to catch your child’s attention as they follow along to the music! With CoComelon’s Sing-Along microphone, your child can explore music and it can even help improve necessary skills like fine motor skills, dexterity, and more! Turn the sing along game up a notch with the CoComelon Musical Sing-Along Microphone by First Act!

Ages: 3yrs+

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