Carrera RC Jeep Wrangler Camo 1:16


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Good camouflaged off-roader
With the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in camouflage design you have a real powerhouse on the side. The design and appearance suggests which areas of application the camouflaged car covers and certainly causes a stir. The Jeep has a winch at the front of the approximately 34.5 cm long car and can therefore pull up to 2.5 kilos, enough to be able to help drivers in need at any time. Thanks to the powerful Jeep Wrangler, no car is left on the track. In addition, the Jeep has front and taillight which allows you to drive even at night and possibly save stuck or stranded cars. In addition, the car can be controlled by 360°, which allows you to maneuver comfortably and practically. Due to this manoeuvrability, the Carrera RC car conquers almost all terrain and comes from almost every mild situation. The Wrangler is ready for action and the first cars are already waiting for their rescue!

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