Wahu Bluey Swim Vest Medium 25-30kg Asst


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Bluey x Wahu Swim Vests are secure buoyancy aids for little Bluey fans who love being in or around the water. Fashioned in bright, Bluey, and Bingo colours, with awesome Bluey inspired graphics. Manufactured with a soft nylon material with closed-shell foam construction, these vests are both stylish and safe. Bluey Swim vests are completely adjustable for comfort and feature a contoured design allowing for unrestricted body movement. Bluey Swim Vests fully comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS1900:2014 for flotation aids and must only be used under strict adult supervision. Please note: Bluey Swim Vests are not a life preserver (PFD). They are designed to allow the child to put their head underwater. Bluey Swim Vests are available in small and medium-size. – Small 15-25kg (age guide 2-3 years) – Medium 20-30kg (age guide 4-5 years)

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